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Everything Old is New Again

February 21st, 2019 | Posted by Dan Schreff in Retail

It’s the lazy days of summer 2010 and with the worst of the 2008/09 recession seemingly behind us, retailers and manufacturers are asking themselves big questions. Question like: What kind of Consumer is going to emerge from this recession? Will their behavior be markedly changed?, and How do I both reach this new consumer with timely Brand messaging, and how do I keep the message relevant?

Increasingly, the Consumer Goods industry dialog has turned to Shopper Marketing as one of the key activities in the marketing toolkit.  Shopper Marketing is less a revolution than an evolution in the way marketers view and design messaging to reach today’s consumers.  It draws important distinctions between the Shopper and the Consumer, and places a much stronger emphasis on reaching shoppers as close as possible to the point of purchase decision; ideally in the store.

So it was with great enthusiasm that many of today’s top Manufacturers and Retailers descended upon the Shopper Insights In Action conference this past July.  The conference featured three tracks of discussion, each reflecting the core precepts of Best Practice shopper marketing:  Analytics & Research, In-store Marketing, and Collaboration and Loyalty. Look for upcoming posts on each of these Shopper Marketing lynchpins of success.

Here you can find a Executive Summary by John Karolefski of CPG Matters that covers both the conference and a provides a great overview of the importance of Shopper Marketing in today’s Consumer Goods selling environment.

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