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The Analytics Evolution: What Is Next?

February 17th, 2017 | Posted by APT in Analytics | Technology | Uncategorized

The analytics landscape is evolving. As outlined by APT CEO Anthony Bruce in a recent Information Age byline, decision-oriented executives and budding analysts alike must be attuned to the latest developments to effectively leverage analytics to drive business value.

One emerging concept is what APT refers to as Machine Experimentation™. Over the past decade, many data-driven leaders have adopted machine learning, using technology to automate data analysis. But Machine Experimentation™ is even more powerful.

Machine learning allows computers to improve performance or predictive ability when analyzing natural variation. In contrast, Machine Experimentation™ dramatically speeds up the learning process by intentionally introducing variation, allowing an algorithm to self-adjust its parameters and expand its findings.

Because companies that use platforms like APT’s Test & Learn software to conduct experiments already have an ingrained culture of testing, they have established the organizational processes necessary to not only perform experiments, but rapidly process the results. Bruce predicts that organizations with these processes already in place will have a significant competitive advantage when Machine Experimentation™ arrives in full force.

To learn about applications of Machine Experimentation™, read Bruce’s full byline here.

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