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The Customer Acquisition Challenge

May 30th, 2017 | Posted by APT in Financial Services

The market for financial products is more crowded than ever. How can financial institutions not only capture new customers, but acquire the right ones, and create enduring relationships?

APT SVP Grayson Clarke explores the answers to this question in a recent Global Banking & Finance Review article, “The Customer Acquisition Challenge: How Banks Can Leverage Analytics to Compete.” The piece addresses how financial services organizations can overcome hurdles to profitable customer acquisition and build relationships that will add value in the long-term.

“With the stakes higher than ever for banks to optimize their acquisition strategy and reach the right customers with the right offers, investing in analytics is critical,” Clarke writes. “Leveraging data-driven insights to inform outreach will empower banks to make better decisions, drive higher acquisition ROI and react to ever-evolving market dynamics ahead of the competition.”

Click here to read more about how banks can harness the power of a robust analytics program to optimize customer acquisition.

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