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Visa's New Marketing Campaign: How Should You Spend YOUR Ad $s?

January 19th, 2010 | Posted by Jatin Atre in Uncategorized

Visa has changed its marketing message with its new “Currency of Progress” campaign. The new campaign is a huge shift from the prior “Visa: It’s Everywhere You Want to Be” campaign. Visa is already running these ads broadly and spent an estimated $1.4M on ad spots in October and November alone.

Before moving forward with such a fundamental shift in the marketing strategy, we would recommend running the new ad in a subset of markets. This would confirm whether the new ad is in fact more effective and more importantly show if some markets actually respond better to the current campaign than the new campaign.

To maximize the return on media investments, it is essential to know which message works best, the markets with the highest returns on media spend, and the optimal media mix. The only way to get these answers is to try different messages, spend levels, and media mixes; measure what happened; and determine what worked best.

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