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World-Class Campaign Analytics for a Competitive Edge

August 18th, 2017 | Posted by APT in Financial Services

Americans receive billions of offers from banks each year, as financial institutions (FIs) are investing more than ever to acquire valuable customers and create enduring relationships. Many banks are offering increasingly generous, eye-catching credit card and other rewards promotions, sometimes even featuring large cash bonuses worth hundreds of dollars.

It is extremely challenging, though, for executives to understand what approach works best with each customer. With so many different levers to pull – including offer, messaging, platform, and more – how can banks gain a competitive edge and identify the right variations for the right customers?

Many financial institutions encounter common challenges when trying to answer this question, including:

  1. Optimizing campaign design and accurately measuring incremental performance
  2. Targeting the right offers to customers that will respond best
  3. Getting answers quickly enough to analyze all campaigns

APT has worked with leading global FIs to overcome these challenges, and has developed best practices to empower banks to reach the right customers with the right offers. To learn more about how these organizations can leverage a robust campaign analytics program to refine their approach and maximize ROI, check out this whitepaper by APT SVPs Will Weidman and Grayson Clarke.

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